Frequently Asked Questions

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is an exciting organization that places the power into the hands of local Canadians, to uplift and love their fellow neighbours in need.

Because Give2Win hosts sweepstakes giveaways, a gaming license is not required.

However certain requirements must be met, such as: No purchase is necessary to enter & win a giveaway.

In addition, the 'pre-winner(s)' must accurately complete a skill testing question, prior to being declared: the official winner(s).

Give2Win was initially launched in 2020. Based out of Edmonton, AB.

How Does It Work?

After choosing a prize giveaway you would like to support, simply select your entry method, and follow the easy steps to be officially entered.

Purchasing costs may vary per promotional campaign, however, no purchase is necessary to join our giveaways.

Check the specific details on the prize giveaway page, and the official terms & rules for more details.

All eligible entrants are limited to a max of 10,000 entries per giveaway, regardless the method of entry.

All giveaways have a specific guaranteed draw date.

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Anyone over the age of 18 living in Canada (excluding Quebec) is eligible to join a giveaway.

All prizes are absolutely guaranteed. All promoted prize will be given away, guaranteed.

Winners & Prizes

Just by entering one of our giveaways, you have you an amazing opportunity to win!

Unless otherwise indicated, each giveaway includes 100% FREE shipping.

In the event that there is additional taxes for any winner to accept and utilize the prize, Give2Win will be responsible for those fees.

After the giveaway has ended, the winner will be randomly selected from all valid entries, by a 100% secure & certified third-party authority. We use

Charitable Transparency

We're proud to announce that 70% of proceeds directly feed hungry Canadians, and help raise more awareness of our cause, and the remaining 30% is simply our profit.