Welcome to Live Lifted

Coming together to inspire change.  

Live Lifted is based in Edmonton and hosts charity events and community initiatives throughout the city.

 Our movement helps individuals struggling with mental health and addiction to overcome barriers to find a sense of purpose. We understand that the leading cause of poverty in the western world stems from mental illness and addiction.  

The reality is that suicide and overdose rates are becoming an epidemic which we hope to curb through compassion, awareness, and commitment to change.

Together we will lift stigmas and take a stand for the equality of all human life.  

Live Lifted is just in its beginning stages now, however, we are on a mission to end world hunger.

With a goal so grandiose, one might wonder where to start?  

We decided to take action locally with any and all the resources we had.  Organizing clothing drives, delivering fresh food to people in need, and helping the homeless find housing is where it all began.  As Live Lifted grows, we hope to lift the lives of people all over the world. 

Live Lifted allows us to join forces and be of service to humanity, raising the standards of living for all.  In order for Live Lifted to accomplish its vision, we need more people like YOU to get involved.  

Become an ambassador today and join us in leaving a legacy.